Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I will never teach “President’s Day” the same way! Even at second grade the students know about Lincoln, a log cabin and the penny; Washington as the father of our country. But what do the presidential portraits reveal about the person and the office! Next February I will teach using resources from the National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian Institution. Last Friday we were enriched with the knowledge of yet another expert, Ellen Miles, from the NPG. The connections between the portrait, the person and the office were enlightening and fascinating We followed the content with actual doing. We were led in an art-making (self-portrait) lesson with a member of Lesley University’s art education faculty. I REALLY liked this part. I think we should do the art-making more often in this institute, but that’s my bend. It would probably raise the affective filter for some of my colleagues here.

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guy trainin said...

So what you are saying in a way is that arts integration for most of your colleagues there is about observing not making? That is very interesting especially against the backgrounds of project based learning, our own research, and the problems of disengagement in secondary settings.