Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am surrounded here by a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience. Yet we are all learning and noticing things that we may have “walked by” before. The architectural detail, the story within the painting, the artist’s and architect's connection with the community, even the wallpaper!! We have spent our weekdays in class and related field trips and on the weekends we go together or alone and do more touring and learning about this part of the country. There really is not too much down time!

I’ve tried to get a chance to talk with each one of my fellow NEH'ers over the last 3 ½ weeks. About half are from New England and half from the rest of the country. They will be an inspiration and a resource to me after I leave here. We are all busy preparing final presentations for Thursday and Friday. I look forward to hearing from my new-found colleagues. This really has been an experience of a lifetime. (Although maybe that’s not the way to say it because I want to apply for another one when I’m eligible in three years!)
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